Colocate in the Best Data Center. Get Unmatched Connectivity.

Colocate in the Best Data Center.
Get Unmatched Connectivity.

Server Colocation and HousingWith information technology at the heart of business, the infrastructure that supports it has become increasingly important. But has creating and maintaining a secure, resilient, highly-connected data center environment become a costly distraction from your core business activity?

As a server colocation and housing provider, we offer an alternative. Outsource your data center requirements to us and we can help you improve the availability and performance of your applications, enjoy greater security and offer your end-users a better experience.

We offer Colocation and Housing from a single rack to dedicated suites and complete data floors with power available from as little as 1kW to multiple megawatts. Find out more about our high-density hosting services. Our team will help you build the appropriate environment for the servers and IT infrastructure that you wish to locate within the data center, delivering your space in a way which meets and supports your business requirements.

Colocation Key Benefits