Facebook Netiquette

Facebook Netiquette

Dear Fans,

On the Server24 Facebook page, we like to inform you about current topics and Server24 news. On the wall and the Facebook discussion page, we offer you the opportunity to discuss these contributions and our products. We are pleased if you have lively exchanges with us and other fans. We ask you to respect the following principles:


Please respect the rules of netiquette. Never forget that there is a human on the other side, so please be personable. Contributions that contain insults, profanity, hate, personal attacks or illegal content will be deleted as well as multiple postings of the same article.

Privacy Policy

On Facebook you share your thoughts with many people. Therefore, we ask you to respect privacy. Comments that contain personal data (eg customer ID, name, address, phone numbers) of a third party will be deleted. In your own interest, please do not publish your customer ID or other personal information. If you have an individual problem (for example questions about a bill, problems with the web server), we recommend that you use theĀ Server24 contact form. If you want to describe your problem to the social media team, please use the contact form on this page or email support@server24.net. There is no risk that third parties can access your personal information.


Please be sure that your comment refers to content on the respective contribution. Comments that are off-topic will be deleted.


We reserve the right to remove reviews or links that are self-promotion or advertising of foreign products. This also applies to user names and profile photos. Please note that the Server24 logo is a registered trademark and can not be used without our consent.

Reaction Times

We like to answer as quickly as possible. If you are writing in the evening or on weekends, we will respond to your concern on the following working day. If you have an urgent problem, you may contact our service team around the clock on the hotline number.