Remote Support

Remote Support

server24 offers remote support – a fast and easy online-support by establishing a joint PC-conference with one of our colleagues from the support team. This service is offered as an optional support channel.

The PC-conference is established using a secured internet server. Your connections are established via fully encrypted data channels using 1024-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding.

This technology is based on the same standards as https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today’s standards.

The key exchange also guarantees a full client-to-client data protection. This means that even our routing servers will not be able to read the data stream.

Remote Support by our Support Team

Our support team may neither see inside your PC nor work with you without your prior approval. Moreover, it is not possible, to remove any data from your PC without notice or authorization. External programs will only be installed if you ask for. You may terminate the PC conference at any time by closing the program.
  • The advisor cannot access your PC without your express consent.
  • The advisor cannot collaborate with you without your express consent.
  • No third-party programs will be installed on your PC without prior consent.
  • It is not possible for data to be removed from your PC unnoticed and without authorization.
  • You can end the shared session at any time.

Every action on your PC or your IT-system during the PC conference requires your active cooperation and is on your own responsibility. Please be aware, that server24 does not assume any liability for any failure from the rendered support even if there is a close connection as regards time. This exclusion of liability does not apply to any damages caused by willful intent or gross negligence or any damages caused by injury of life, of body or of health.